UEC Workshop 2020

UEC Workshop 2020


21 November 2020 | Institute Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia by Online 


Conference Organizer  


I would like to welcome all of you to the 2nd ASEAN-UEC Workshop on Energy and AI, which is held in Bandung, Indonesia. I am very pleased that UEC and ECTI collaboration with ITB hold this WS despite such COVID-19 environment.

This year we expanded the WS theme from AI and Applications at the 1st ECTI-UEC Workshop to Energy and AI at the 2nd ASEAN-UEC Workshop. Then we have totally 10 invited speakers and 25 poster presentations. The authors are from Indonesia, Thailand,
Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Japan. So the conference scope and speakers nationalities have been expanded from the 1st WS.

UEC is now going ahead with its new “UEC vision” to establish a global base to practice “Comprehensive Communication Sciences.” Being one of the key research universities in Japan, UEC puts emphasis on promoting close collaborative links with ASEAN partner
universities. In this sense, I believe that this workshop is a great opportunity to further enhance the collaboration between ASEAN universities, institutions, governments and UEC.

I hope that you will find this international workshop stimulating and rewarding academically, technically, and socially.

Again, welcome to the 2nd ASEAN-UEC Workshop on Energy and AI.

Dr. Kohji Abe,
Member of the Board of Directors
(International Strategies)
The University of Electro-Communications